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Home of the $48 Brazilian Wax for Biloxi, MS and Pascagoula, MS - Pin Up's...the spa studio and women's apparel boutique
Waxing Menu and Prices
 Please be sure your hair is less than 1" and more than 1/4", which would normally be at least 10 days from your last shave. 
There can be no tanning or significant sun exposure 48 hours before or after a wax. It is never a good idea to wax if you are on medications that thin the skin or make you sensitive to the sun. Monthly cycles are not frowned upon, just bring a back-up! Please note allergies when booking appointment, and arrive 15 minutes early to allow for paperwork and restroom use before your appointment starts

Women's Menu
Brazilian Wax $48
(front to back, inside and out)
High Bikini $38
Bikini Line $28
Under Arms $20 
Half Arms $30
Full Arms $45
Half Leg Wax- Bottom $31
Half Leg Wax- Top $39
Full Leg Wax $69
Feet / Toes $9
Nostril Wax $9
Lip OR Chin (Wax or Thread) $9
Lip AND Chin(Wax or Thread)$15
Chin AND Cheek (Wax or Thread) $15
Perfect Brows(Wax or Thread)$15
Side Burns (Wax or Thread)$15
Full Face (Wax or Thread)$34
Men's Menu
BrOzilian Wax $64
(front to back, inside and out)
Booty Wax $30
Chest Wax $20
Stomach Wax $25
Back Wax  $45
Full Arms $45
Half Arm $30
Top Half Leg $39
Lower Half Leg $31
Full Leg $69
Man Brows $15
Nose /Nostril Wax $9
Ears $9

*For wax timing, assume dollar per minute.. for example, a $45 brazilian will book out for 45 minutes. This does not mean the entire service will neccessarily take 45 minutes, as we also include time for set-up and clean-up. Please note timing may not always be accurate due to circumstance. 
Biloxi brazilian wax prices are also the same  in Pascagoula.