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Employment Opportunities

Preliminary Application for Future Pin-Ups:
What position are you interested in? (Estheticians and Nail Technicians must be licensed with the Mississippi State Board of Cosmetology).
Boutique Sales
Nail Technician
Full- Time or Part-Time?
I'll take anything!
Do you have any experience in the position for which you are applying?
Yes, lots!
No, but I'm a fast learner!
I'm brand spanking new at this.
I just need a job, please.
What professional skills and experience would make you an asset to Pin-Ups?
What personal attributes would make you a good fit for our company?
Tell us something about yourself that sets you apart from the rest!
What is your current/most recent job, salary, and schedule?
Is there anything else you want us to know? You can also email your resume and/or photos to help identify yourself. Please send to [email protected] with RESUME in the subject line.
Full Name:
Best email to contact you:
Phone Number:
Date of Birth:
City of Residence
We are always looking for characteristics and personalities to balance out or add to our team! Please select any of the options below that best describe you.
Shy, at first.
Star of the show.
Bold personality.
Works well with others.
Works well alone.
Good short term memory.
Good long term memory.
Needs to write things down to learn it.
Learns fast.
Needs to study to learn.
Grammatically correct.
Not that great with math.
Capable of percentages without a calculator.
Goes the extra mile.
Always stuck in traffic.
Avoids confrontation.
Likes a good fight.
Loves parties.
Avoids big social settings.
Loves the facts.
Loves the stories.
Bothered by disorder.
Likes everything in it's place.
Dots the i's and crosses the t's before I leave.
Loses track of time.
Feels bad for others less fortunate.
Personally feels the pain of others.
Worries about many things.
Carefree, doesn't worry about much.
Follows the rules.
Questions the rules.
People usually pick up behind me.
Grew up with chores.
Chores? Maybe like one..
Likes to be appreciated.
Confident without approval.

Biloxi and Pascagoula employment opportunities. Apply for jobs online at Pin-Ups.