"So What Exactly Is A..." A Better Explanation of Our Services
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Information and Articles: FAQ's Answered on Waxing, Facials, Spray Tans, and other Spa Services and Skin Care Needs

"So What Exactly Is A..." A Better Explanation of Our Services

Our Most Common Services Explained

Threading: A cotton thread is pulled along unwanted hair in a twisting motion, to trap hair in a mini lasso, and lifts hair right out of the follicle. The concept is basically the same as when you take a rubber band off of your wrist. The rubber grabs on to the hair and twists it out by the root as you take the rubber band off of your arm. The thread is much much finer, but this is what gives it the same grip on individual hairs (and its much faster than the rubber-band concept). Threading gives perfect shape to brows that can not be achieved by waxing or tweezing, and does not harm the skin like waxing can. Perfect for everyone including allergies, medications, and illnesses restricting waxing. See everything we thread here.

Brazilian Wax: Waxing the full front and back of the bikini zone, inside and out. With or without a landing strip. Hair must be less than 1” and longer than 1/4”. This is usually 10 days from your last shave or 2 weeks from your last wax. Wax can not grab hair shorter than this. If you are concerned about being too long, follow this rule: If you can pinch it and twist it, cut it. There can be no significant sun exposure (or tanning) 48-72 hours before or after your wax.  Please check any medications you may be taking for skin sensitivities. Find our full waxing menu and prices here.

Bikini Wax: Waxing outside the panty line on the thigh, in the bikini zone. This section stops at about a hands-width from the bikini line. Hair must be less than 1” and longer than 1/4”. No significant sun exposure (or tanning) 48-72 hours before or after your wax. Please check medications for skin sensitivities.

High Bikini Wax: If you were to grab the sides (bikini line area) of each side of your swim suit and pull straight up toward your belly button, this exposed zone is what gets waxed in a High Bikini. So while not a Brazilian wax  but much more than a basic bikini, the High Bikini wax removes the hair that might show in high cut or skimpier swimsuits and panties. This also includes taking some "off the top" for those lower cut undergarments, but is optional to those who don't want that.

Half Leg Wax: Waxing from either the knee and down- commonly called "Lower Half Leg", or above the knee to the upper thigh- "Top Half Leg" It is common to see a price difference because the two areas greatly differ in time consumption due to larger area and constant changing of hair patterns.  A "Top Half Leg" does not include bikini zone or buttocks.  

Half Arm Wax:  Waxing either below the elbow and down, or from the shoulder faded down to the elbow.

Chest Wax:  Removal of the hair only the upper chest, stopping under pectorals (breast area).  

Stomach Wax: Removal of hair on the belly, does not include from chest (breast) and up.  

Body Scrubs: Our body scrubs do not come pre-packaged with preservatives, but are instead freshly made in our spa. We use all natural ingredients loaded with skin-loving properties like Ghana shea butter, unrefined coconut oil and cocoa butter, grapeseed oil, essential oils, tea leaves, ground oats, coffee beans, white sugar, brown sugar, sea salt, and plant and flower extracts. See our current selection of body scrubs here.

Microdermabrasion: This skin care technology combines the use of mechanical exfoliation with simultaneous suction in the form of a single metal wand. Think of this wand like a finger-trap sized vacuum, because that's about what it looks like. The outer rim of the "trap" allows for detachable abrasive diamond tips in different sizes and shapes, and the inside of the "trap" is a vacuum that sucks up the dead skin cells scraped off by the diamond tip. The back end of the wand connects to a hose where dead skin cells are pulled through and trapped by the filter so the machine can continue it's suction. Microdermabrasion is used to create a quick glow as it reveals fresh skin, to stimulate collagen production and assist in anti-aging regimes, and to help unclog congested skin and allow for easier extraction of blackheads and clogged pores. Microdermabrasion serves as the exfoliation step of a facial, so it would still include all the serums, treatments, masks, and moisturizers.

Chemical peel:  A solution is used to dissolve the bond that holds the outer layer of dead skin cells together.  There are different peels for different skin care concerns, and the results of a chemical peel can be fantastic, but we take extra caution with this service as it does require more before and after care. To minimize any chances of unwanted results, we do require the use of our signature Skin Brightening Cream for at least 2 weeks, which you can pick up at any location, as well as the use of our signature SPF for 2 weeks after.

     Glycolic Peel: Specifically designed for fines lines and sun damage or pigmentation problems.
     Salicylic Peel: Specifically designed for acne, blackheads, and clogged skin. Can not be used on acne that has been ‘picked at’.
     Jessner Peel: Jessner Peels are used to treat variety of problematic skin conditions including acne, acne scars, hyper-pigmentation, skin blotches, wrinkles, and fine lines. They can also be used on skin suffering from rosacea.
     Painless Retinol + C Peel: This is our FAVORITE peel! Why? Because chemical peels can be intense. Some people tingle while others feel the good ol' burn (don't worry, it only lasts for a few minutes). But when you use this Retinol + C peel, you won't feel anything AND you get a completely different treatment.. one that's relaxing, complete with hand massage and all! It's just not possible to do that with the other peels, as the majority of the time is spent layering, monitoring, and neutralizing.

Facial: Facials deeply cleanse and use professional level exfoliators to reveal fresh skin, target specific areas of concern, can be done with or without extractions based on client's needs or requests, can use machines, modalities, and relaxation techniques such as hand massages during facial masks, and are tailored to treat specific skin issues. Facial treatments are recommended every 4-6 weeks, but even just one facial and the education and recommendations that come with it can make a big difference in your skin. See all the facials we offer here.
Back Facial: A facial treatment for the back for breakout-prone skin.

BraZacial: This treatment targets breakouts and ingrown hair in the bikini zone and pubic mound above the labia. The session focuses on exfoliation and extraction and is set up like a brazilian wax, not like a facial or spa service. This service is only for females.

Lash Tinting: Eyelash tinting of the top and bottom lash with a colorant specifically designed to be safe for use around the eye area. Lash tinting can be beneficial alone, or can be done 2 days prior to lash extensions for fuller lashes. $18 or $30 for when booking the lash and brow tint combo, which saves $6.

Brow Tinting: Tinting of the eye brow with either brow tint (tints the brow hair) or henna tattoo tint (which temporarily colors the hair as well as stains the skin). Lasts up to 2 weeks. $18, or $30 for a combo deal, which can be either a brow shaping and then tinting (saves $3) or lash tinting and brow tinting (saves $6).

Lash Extensions: Individual lash extensions are adhered to your own lashes by separating each lash and placing one extension lash on one real lash, and NOT just gluing on clusters of lashes like some places do in 20 minutes. This is a 2 hour session giving you beautiful ready-to-go eyes. Lasts 4-6 weeks and will need fill-ins every 2-3 weeks for best results. Lash extensions are done at Pin-Ups by a certified NovaLash Technician and are very competitively priced at $159. Fill-ins are $49 when regularly scheduled, and Partial Sets are $99 (cat eyes or a little extra lash drama). Find out even more information on lash extensions here.

Spray tan: Our certified technicians air-brush the spray tan with Eco-certified Norvell Organics tanning solution for a beautiful bronze, non-orange tan.  It typically lasts 5-7 days, although it can last longer with proper before and after care. Please visit the Spray Tan page on our website here for a complete list of proper prep, maintenance, and do's and don'ts. Some examples are: Exfoliate. Scrub off natural dead skin build-up with a salt or sugar scrub and start this process at least 3 days before your spray tan. Moisturize after each scrub to keep skin hydrated and able to hold more tan. Shave before you arrive, but be sure to do your last exfoliation scrub AFTER your shave and not before, as shaving cream (and/or the little moisturizing strip on the razor) can leave a barrier on the skin which blocks the spray tan solution from penetrating. This is also why we don’t want you using bar soap or wearing any lotion, moisturizers, or deodorant when you arrive for your spray tan. After your sunless tan has been applied, which takes about 10 minutes, you can not shower (or get wet in ANY shape or form, sweat, etc.) for at least 8 hours, and you can not spray perfume directly on the skin, as it will eat through spray tan. Wear loose dark cotton clothing so that there are less chances of the tan rubbing onto the clothes directly after. Think about your footwear, as sweat affects tan. Do not wear leather sandals or other shoes that frequently collect direct sweat, but be cautious of flip-flops when it has rained or when it's humid (as it pretty much always is). We've found it best in our experience to wear loose fitting flats or any other loose fitting shoe that offers coverage to the toe and edges of the feet. 

-Casey Martin, Lead Esthetician